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Choosing the right baseball glove can make difference with your fielding. With so many options available, choosing the right glove can be challenging. Understanding the different models and what size to choose is crucial when making your decision. In order to narrow down your choices its important to know your position, your hand size, your level of play and your ability. Check out our points in order of reference below to help streamline the process.

1. What Position You Play?
Pitchers - Pitchers prefer closed web baseball gloves so they can hide the ball from the batters view.
Catchers - Catchers gloves are heavily padded for maximum protection from continuous catching.
Infielders - Infielders gloves have smaller hand stalls and shallower pockets for quick turns.
Outfielders - Outfielders gloves are larger in size and have larger pockets as your covering more range in the outfield.

2. Level of Play and Materials?
When deciding on a baseball glove, its also important to understand your level of play and what type of material to choose from. Typically full leather baseball gloves are higher in price and require a longer break in period, Full leather ball gloves offer better control, hand shaping and protection. The leather is stiff initially and is choosen from premium hides to ensure consisitency and durability. Full leather gloves are used primarily by adults or elite baseball players as they require more protection for balls traveling at higher speeds. Youth baseball gloves are made of treated leather for a faster break in, but tend to not last as long as the craftsman ship and material tend to break down faster. They still offer great quality and should be used at the youth level.